Sculpture culture

The inaugural Harbourview Sculpture Trail was held in March 2012, in Te Atatu Penisular, with all proceeds in support of Hospice West Auckland. I went along with my friends LP and MP, on March 25. Here are some of our favourite pieces.

More information can be found on the Harbour View Sculpture website, including a catalogue of all exhibited pieces. I believe the next event is planned for 2014.

Coat Hanger by Richard Sparke
The shape of this piece mirrors that of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, which is visible through the gap of the hanger, although you might have to look very closely at the skyline to spot it!

Sky Portal to Ascension by Kerry Strongman
This is a beautiful piece carved out of Kauri, and gave off a sun-baked scent that is truly unbeatable.

Throne by Peter Brierley Millman
MP rather liked sitting on this natural but regal seat, carved out of Monterey Cypress.

Feathered by Rebecca Rose

Joyful Dancing by Wolf Habichhorst
Seven cabbage trees made out of copper and aluminium; they also light up with solar lights at night! This sculpture won the People’s Choice Award.

1344 Red Kiwis by Donna Sarten
A pretty piece, but with a somber underpinning… each kiwi represents a child who will be killed by a family member over the next decade, in New Zealand.

Dandelion by Trish Clarke
This is made of stainless steel, and is my personal favourite among the 46 pieces of the exhibition.


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