Magic sauce

My AW introduced me to this wonderful sauce, which is particularly great for people with seafood allergies, like me. This sauce is similar to oyster sauce in taste, but is completely vegetarian. The consistency is that of a thick sauce, perhaps a little thinner than oyster sauce.

It can be used in many ways; for example, I add it to stir-frys, noodle soups, and even quick stews. Because it gives a real depth of flavour, sometimes I don’t even add anything else, except maybe some black pepper. Needless to say, we go through bottles of this like there’s no tomorrow.

I have given many bottles away, simply because most people (like me) have never come across it before. And because even though Asian ingredients are quite commonplace now, I have only ever found this particular sauce at T Mark, the Taiwanese foods store (Wairau Park, Newmarket, Beach Road in the city). But there has been no bad feedback on this, ever. So, I include here the use I always suggest whilst handing over a bottle of this lovely stuff. The amounts for each ingredient are completely up to you.

1. Green beans or bok choi, or a mixture of both
2. Sesame seeds
3. Lee Kum Kee’s vegetarian stri-fry sauce

1. Toast the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan, set aside.
2. Cut up the vegetables however you wish, pan fry with a small amount of oil. I like grapeseed oil.
3. Plate vegetables, drizzle over some sauce, sprinkle over the sesame seeds, and enjoy!

I can’t in good conscience call this a receipe, it’s that simple. But it makes my life easier, and we have this side dish often, as it complements so many things. Plus, it makes me feel virtuous that I’m eating my greens, with minimal effort and maximum taste. You really should try it.


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