World’s most awesome whisk

While I love my cake mixer and use it often, sometimes it’s just not worth the trouble of getting out the machinery to beat a few eggs. Or, sometimes said mixer is already occupied, and I need to have something else on hand.

Enter this beautiful, gigantic, 10-tined, copper-handle balloon whisk. It makes short work of egg whites, as shown here, as well as omelettes. The first time I used this, it was to whisk up 2 eggs for an omelette. It was so efficient that I a little disappointed, as I think I spent more time washing up afterwards than I did on the actual whisking!

The whisk was a gift from my AW, from one of my favourite (but rather pricey) kitchen stores, Milly’s Kitchen. The brand of my copper whisk is aptly named Best 🙂


One thought on “World’s most awesome whisk

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