Cookie gun

This is yet another gift from my AW, from April 2011. It’s officially called a cookie press, but I prefer coookie gun. It’s something I hadn’t heard of or seen before, and when I first opened it, I didn’t really know what to think of it…!

There are 12 different cookie shapes, plus 8 different icing tips (for use as a piping tool). I have only tested a few cookie shapes so far. It’s pretty cool how the dough shapes change as they are being baked, into the final shape. The transformation is most obvious with the heart one.

There is also a recipe booklet (I made mocha cookies), but I won’t include the recipe here, as the batter consistency is thicker than normal, to fit through the cookie gun, and probably not that useful for use without it.

The cookies are a little on the small side, but then I think the purpose is to make dainty cookies, which remind me a little of the European butter and sugar cookies that come in different shapes, that I often see in the pretty tins at Christmas time. The recipes easily make ~100 or more, so size is not a huge problem as there are so many. And for making large batches, this tool certainly is convenient and fast.


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