Favourite Cakes

Last Christmas my good friend LP gave me this lovely book by Julie Le Clerc. For those unfamiliar, Julie is a New Zealand celebrity baker who owned (owns?) cafes, has published many a cook book, and has her own TV show about cafe food.

This book, however, is just on cakes, and is a collection of all her favourite cakes, cupcakes, and slices recipes. There’s a wide range to suit all occasions, from specific events (like Christmas and weddings) to informal gatherings. The chapters include chocolate, cheesecakes, syrup drenched and even gluten free.

I have made a few of the recipes with good outcomes, even prior to receiving this book, because Julie is one of LP’s all-time favourite bakers, so I have been sampling (as well as baking) some of these cakes for quite a few years now. But what makes this book even more special to me is the personalized message from Julie… LP had this autographed for me when she met Julie at a baking class.


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