Lasagne, with a twist

Lasagne is a favourite dish of mine and my AW’s. It does take a while to prepare, but it’s quite rewarding (when I do have the time to make it), and I always make extra so that we can have it for lunch the next day, too.

I don’t think anyone really needs yet another recipe for lasagne, so I won’t add one here. Besides, every time I make one, it’s always a bit different, depending on what kind of vegetables, mince (sometimes even sausages!), or cheese I have in the fridge. But I did want to share here that my latest lasagne was made with a crumbed topping.

The reasoning behind this is that my AW loves crumbed dishes, such as cauliflower cheese or fruit crumbles (yes, he is English), but also any kind of schnitzel or crumbed fish. In fact, we are both quite partial to the supermarket’s ready-made lasagne toppers (lasagne squares completely encased in a deep-fried crumbed coating).

So I thought I’d have a go at making my own version, which one can usually safely presume to be healthier, because of the reduced amounts of salt and lack of preservatives or other additives, and because mine is baked instead of deep fried, and tends to contain quite a lot of vegetables in addition to the meat.

Anyway, I made a lasagne as normal, but added breadcrumbs and grated cheese over the top. I did cover the dish with foil during most of the baking time, though, to prevent the top from burning.

Happy to report that both of us were pleased with the outcome, so much so that I think from now on, this might have to be our ‘standard’ instead of ‘special’ lasagne. I was also very chuffed with the side salad, as the colours appealed immensely to my inner Italian self, especially when accompanying a pasta dish.


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