Solar eclipse

Following on from the transit of Venus, another exciting astronomical event occurred this year: today’s solar eclipse. I was very impressed with the capabilities of my newly acquired cellphone’s camera, with a rather powerful zoom function.

And while NASA do not condone the use of x-ray film as a safe solar viewing device, I did use a double layer of my latest spinal x-rays as a make-shift filter to take a photo of the eclipse when there was no cloud cover 🙂

While here in Auckland this was only a partial eclipse of 80-90%(I believe in Cairns there was a total eclipse of a few minutes in duration), there was a noticeable difference in the amount of light, and it was rather scarily dark and gloomy, especially when there was a lot of cloud. It was fun to watch the sun turn into a cresent moon, but I was very pleased once the eclipse was over and we had our full sun back.


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