Musical interlude

Could it really be months since my last post…?! I can only blame the unseasonably good Auckland weather this summer, my return to full-time work, and, well, my new hobby.

Yes, I am learning to play the ukulele 🙂

I fell upon this new hobby pretty much by accident. During a constitutional post-dinner walk, I came across a large road-side sign (in front of a community hall) advertising ‘ukulele tonight 7pm’. So, with a free evening and much curiosity, I attended my first group lesson, whereby a bright orange loaner ukulele was promptly presented to me, and I had a blast.

Fast-forward past some furious internet searching and enjoyable sampling strumming in the Takapuna Rock Shop, I bought myself the little cutie in the photo below. It looks great, sounds like Hawaii, and the name of its shape is ‘pineapple’. How could I resist its charms? For those interested, official specs can be found here.

Since then, my poor guitar has been quite neglected. In fact, I really only included it in the photo to show the small size of the ukulele, although they do look good together. I have also neglected you, my dear reader. But rest assured, I have many kitchen adventures to share, as the photos on my cellphone can attest to – I just need the time to write them up!

Guitar and ukulele

For any other ukulele enthusiasts out there, I highly recommend the all-time #1 online resource UkeHunt, and another highly reputable website Kiwi Ukulele, run by a Kiwi, no less. The respective owners (Alistair Wood and Mike Dickison) of these fantastic websites have both published books, and being the proud owner of both, I can confirm that it was money well spent (they’re not that expensive, anyway).

For anyone looking to buy their first ukulele, you really should take a quick look at the buying tips on UkeHunt.


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