Hanging onto summer

We’ve had a brilliant summer, and now I can’t quite bear the thought of the upcoming winter. Even the much needed rain in the past few weeks have really made me a bit down in the dumps. I made this simple and quick meal to cheer myself up. Eating it outside in the autumn sunshine meant that I could pretend summer was still around, for a little while longer at least.

  1. A large handful of cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters in a bowl so that all the juices do not get lost.
  2. A good glug of balsamic vinegar over the cut tomatoes, mixed with a spoon.
  3. Spring onions (only the green part) scissored straight into the bowl.
  4. Cheddar cheese cut thinly, then broken into small pieces over the bowl.
  5. Pre-sliced spicy salami, scissored into small pieces over the bowl.
  6. 2 pieces of toast, plated and piled with the bowl’s contents, including every last drop of the liquid scraped out with the spoon.

Quick summery meal


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