Waiake by kayak

For those of us in the southern hemisphere, winter has finally passed. Those of us living in Auckland are in the midst of tumultuous spring weather. On one of the calmer and sunnier weekends, and after much research, Andy and I treated ourselves to some fabulous Tarpon 100 kayaks. Yes, dear reader, time for one of my rare non-food posts.

What an unexpected thrill it was to meet the awesome NZ kayaking Olympic legend, Ian Ferguson himself, while in his store, Fergs Kayaks. We were already pretty settled on our choice, but after getting his endorsement, we felt quite certain that we were making the right decision. The main selling point for me was the awesome seat – fully adjustable, so comfortable and supportive! It’s one of the best on the market.

Armed with our newly acquired kayaks, paddles, and life jackets, we set out to explore our local Waiake bay. Good practise to familiarise ourselves with loading, strapping, unstrapping, and unloading of the kayaks onto and from the car roof!

For those familiar with Auckland, you’ll recognise the iconic Rangitoto Island in the background. What a view! Nothing between us and the island… maybe one day I’ll be competent (and confident) enough to paddle there. In my 24 years in Auckland, I’ve never ventured there, even though I see it everyday.

Andy and his mango kayak

And this is the tor of Torbay, from the ocean-side perspective.

Me and my red kayak

A lot of fun, and a good entrée to future sea explorations. Bring on summer!


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