Kitchy food

Here’s a silly post of food I’ve never seen in NZ. Gotta love the variety in Taiwan!

Bonsai ice cream

Bonsai ice cream, from a night market stall in Kaohsiung. Your choice of ice cream flavours covered in chocolate dirt, complete with plastic pot.

HSR biscuits

High speed bullet train cookies. While it might be a bit hard to see the poster clearly in my photo, you can purchase (while onboard, from the food trolley that comes round) little packs of cookies with the train design engraved on them (in 3 different flavours), in a train-shaped gift box.

Waffle cereal

Waffle cereal spotted in the gourmet supermarket of Sogo (a posh department store). I kind of wish I had bought some to try – do they taste like miniature waffles, or waffle-shaped cornflakes?

Star Wars driver covers

This photo is not of food, but was too cool not to include. I’d consider taking up golf just to have R2D2 in my golf bag!


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