Lions, tigers, and bears – oh my!

Being animal lovers, it was great to see all the different animals in Taipei and Phuket – here are some of my favourites. No photos of lions (although we did see some) from Taipei Zoo because of bad weather.

Black bear, Taipei Zoo
Black bear

Panda, Taipei Zoo

Red panda, Taipei Zoo
Red panda

Lynx, Taipei Zoo
Snow leopard

When we stopped for lunch at Taipei Zoo, it was served using these cute matching mugs, saucers, and plates – I would’ve bought some as souvenirs, but sadly they weren’t for sale.
Panda mug 1
Panda mug 2
Panda plate

If you ever go to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, a saxaphone player is usually there practicing (sometimes mid-morning, sometimes in the afternoon), either on his own or with a group. It was very pleasant to enjoy his music while we strolled around the grounds. This is a special place for me as I went there a lot as a child. He had a very cute dog with him (you can see the main hall in the background):
Cute doggie

Baby elephant from elephant safari, Phuket
Baby elephant

Random cat stretched out at one of the benches outside Chalong Temple, Phuket
Cat on a bench

Small (and oh so cute) tiger from Tiger Kingdom, Phuket
Small tiger

Andy and some new friends at Tiger Kingdom
Large tigers

Tiger tails are unexpectedly heavy…
Large tiger


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