Sculpture culture, 2014

Having thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural Harbourview Sculpture Trail in 2012, the next biennial event (held earlier this year in March) was a must for me. This year’s event was no less pleasant, an easy stroll in Te Atatu Peninsula on an overcast day with marvelous outdoor sculptures from NZ artists, and the beautiful scenery of the Auckland harbour as the backdrop. The event’s website is brilliant, including descriptions of all the artworks displayed (from both 2012 and 2014), so I won’t go on about it here, except to highlight some of my personal favourites. Can’t wait for the 2016 trail!

Dawn by Doug Kennedy
An apt piece, as Te Atatu translates to dawn in English.


Rainbow Ripple Delight by Rebecca Rose

Rainbow Ripple Delight

Whoa! by Jonathan Bowman
The live-sized photograph is so well done that it really does look like a real person struggling with his umbrella.


Scotch Thisle by Trish Clarke
This piece had my vote for the People’s Choice Award (her piece Dandelion got my vote last time round, too)

Scoth Thistle

Continuum by Russell Beck


Dawn Awakening by Tim Elliot

Dawn Awakening

Pods by Carol Robinson
I kinda wish I had bought some of these… (all the artwork are available for sale).


Void by Ramon Robertson
This year’s People’s Choice Award winner.



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