Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve here in New Zealand. I have given away several homemade food gifts this year, using previous trustworthy recipes, as I did not have the time or inclination to faff about with new recipes. It really helped that I found a range of good quality tins. Here are a couple of examples.

Blue cheese crackers. I made up a double batch but didn’t have quite enough blue cheese, so these are made with 240 g Gorgonzola and 100 g aged cheddar (warmed through and broken up as much as possible). I found my ravioli roller cutter very useful to give the crimped edges. Oh, and I found blue cornmeal, which was fortunate as I could not find plain or salted blue corn chips, which is what I used last time round.

Blue cheese crackers gift.JPG

Apple cinnamon muffins. I made a plate of these for my neighbour to help him feed the hungry horde of 6 sons and 1 grandson visiting for Christmas.

Apple cinnamon muffins gift.JPG

Chocolate shortbread. These are great for different occasions, as the decoration can be easily changed to suit. I’ve opted for gold and white rather than green and red.

Chocolate shortbread gift

Pistachio, cranberry, and dark chocolate cookies. These are inherently green and red 🙂 Technically not a gift, as I will bring these to my family’s Christmas dinner. For fun, I attempted to make a small mountain.

Pistachios, cranberries, dark chocolate cookies gift.JPG

I leave you with a woodland angel I made at a ladies craft night I attended earlier this week. I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas, filled with fun, festivities, family, friends, and of course, (fabulous) food.

Woodlands angel.JPG


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