Sculpture culture, 2016

Today I went to the Harbourview Sculpture Trail, the third time that this event has been held in Te Atatu. Being Easter Sunday, an egg hunt was on, and I was rewarded with a chocolate egg! Here are some of the pieces I particularly enjoyed.

Viewfinders by Carol Green
Plywood panels painted in china plate patterns reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, and the view through the cut-out letters reflect windows of houses from that era in this area.DSC_0321

Grove of Nikaus by Mary Paton
This is my personal favourite piece from the event; I seriously considered purchasing one of the nikaus (alas, my mortgage prohibited this). I particularly liked the designs and colours, from the beautiful greens of the nikau head to the sparkly sandy additions on the trunk (not clearly visible in the photo, sadly).

Kotare Te Atatu (Dawn Kingfishers) by Fiona Rennie Schwieters
Cast glass sacred kingfishers, which are unique to New Zealand. This set of 24 birds won the People’s Choice Award.

Piwakawaka Fusion by Rose Petterson
Fantails made using a 3D printer, with designs based on Māori, Victorian, Chinese, and Middle Easter origins.

Eyelet by Rebecca Rose
Stainless steel sculpted to reflect our abundant water source.

Very much in line with the art theme of this post, I leave you with this gorgeous marzipan egg, made for me by my dear friend CF (thank you!). Happy Easter, all.


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