Nigella Lawson

What can I say about Nigella that hasn’t already been said? I think it’s quite reasonable to assume that most people know of her, and are either fans or not. I’m a huge fan, and really owe my interest in baking to her. I share in some of her principle philosophies, chiefly:

1. I might not have been born an Italian, but I can certainly learn to cook like one
2. I love eating, and therefore I love cooking
3. One can never please everyone, so one must aim to please oneself

I have cooked/baked from so many of her recipes, that if I had never come across her (perish the thought!), I would actually be a completely different person. It’s true, I really grew up learning to cook with Nigella.

As the proud owner of most of her books, here’s a brief run-down.

How To Eat
This is easily my favourite. It’s comprehensive, practical, and a pleasure to read. It was the first one I bought, many years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Not for the fainly hearted though – it’s a large volume and is quite conversational. Recipes and ideas are interspersed with personal preferences, memories, and tips. I would recommend Nigella Express or Forever Summer instead as a first purchase.

Nigella Bites

How To Be A Domestic Goddess
This is probably the most well-known of her books. It’s a lovely collection of baking recipes.

Forever Summer

Nigella Express





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