Bacon-wrapped sausages

I made this recipe fom Nigella’s book Feast (only she would have these as an accompaniment for Christmas dinner that includes a turkey and a ham!), although her original recipe calls for pancetta, with bacon as the alternative. I made 10 of these as an easy, no fuss, main course for two.

The recipe is simply halved rashers of bacon (mine were smoked) wrapped around mini sausages (I used breakfast sausages – Nigella strongly recommends not using those cocktail frankfruter weiner things, and I strongly agree), roasted in the oven at 180°C for 35-45 minutes. Then I put them on a double layer of kitchen towel, wrapped them and the towels up in a double layer of foil, and placed them back in the switched-off oven, to keep warm while draining the excessive fat and until ready to serve.

I also added an equally simple but quite thin dressing for the sausages, which consisted of 2 parts Dijon mustard and 1 part maple syrup. I love maple syrup, not just with waffles or ice cream, but with strong tasting meats as well, such as chorizo sausages, and thought I would like it equally well here.

Can I just add that I had some left over bacon on a piece of toast, drizzled with maple syrup, for breakfast… and it was delicious! I think Nigella would be proud of me.

As a side, I made pan-fried green beans, but without the magic sauce, because I had also made cauliflower cheese and wanted to slather the beans in their white sauce. I didn’t leave out our usual toasted white sesame seeds, though.


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